Mention in Dallas Observer: Top DFW Soccer Pubs

Trinity Hall

Instead of an English Cider, try: Leprechaun Dry Cider

Since opening, Trinity Hall has been an oasis for lovers of European sport. Not only does the Mockingbird Station stalwart broadcast Spanish, German and English soccer, but prime cricket and rugby matches are often offered. Great vantage points of the large projections screen are available through much of the pub, along with a few scattered around in an easily viewed manner. This pub really kicks into high gear for Tottenham Hotspur matches, thanks to the Dallas Spurs supporter group choosing this spot for their own. When you're there, grab a 22-ounce bottle of Leprechaun Cider's Dry Cider (6.9% ABV). Brewed in Houston, this cider has a champagne-like quality without getting too sweet, and is especially perfect for the early morning matches, or brunch-time, for that matter.

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United States Cider Sales Increase 89% in 2013


According to Nielsen’s tracking of off-premise (that’s in stores, not restaurants sales of hard cider in the United States increase by 89% in 2013 to $280,676,943. This follows on the heals of a 90% jump in sales in 2012. More importantly, this stunning growth rate in cider sales seems to be continuing this year. Nielsen shows that for the latest 13 week period ending April 26, 2014, hard cider sales in the United States are up 78%.

Compare this to changes in sales for other beverages in 2013: Beer: -1.9%Craft Beer: +17.2%Wine: +3%Spirits: +1.9%, Cider: +89%.

What needs to be made clear in these figures for cider sales in 2013 is that nearly all the $280 million in sales is represented by a very few large cider producers. In fact, Angry Orchard—produced by the Boston Beer Compnay—reportedly owns 50% of the U.S. cider market. Then there is Woodchuck, the Stella Artois cidre, Johnny Appleseed from In-Bev, Strongbow from Heineken and the Smith & Forge brand from MillerCoors.

By implication, what is not necessarily clear in these numbers is the growth rate of the rapidly expanding number of craft cider producers—those small production cideries that tend to sell their bottles and cans locally. Across the country, wines, beers and spirits that are both recognized as true craft products and well as more expensive products are growing more quickly than their less expensive, commercial sized competitors.

We have no indication of what the sales growth rate for craft cideries was in 2013. However, if the really big guys pushed the needed at 89%, is it out of the realm of possibility that craft ciders increased sales by well over 100% in 2013. If I were a betting man, I’d happily bet they grew at least at this rate.

Cider in America is still in its infancy. Today, cider’s $280 million in sales is a drop in the bucket next to the $100 billion overall beer market, the $14.3 billion craft beer market and the $30 billion wine market. That said, if cider sales continue to grow at the 78% growth rate we’v seen in the last 13 week reporting period, then 2014 will see cider retail sales increase to over a half billion dollars. The future of cider in America is very bright.

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Hard Cider Comeback. The truest modern day Renaissance!


If an apple a day is good for health, than the 32 million gallons of apple cider produced between 2011 and 2013 must also be good for something like wealth. Hard apple cider is making a comeback in England and the U.S. market, making the specialty offering the fastest growing segment of alcoholic brewing today.

The surge in apple cider production started with Widmer Brewing in 2001. Now, Anheuser-Busch, Boston Beer Company and Miller have joined the wave of new cider production outfits, among others. Leader in the hard cider movement, the Angry Orchard line produced by Boston Beer Company, reported sales of $601.5 million from hard cider sales in 2012. If Angry Orchard sounds familiar, it is probably, because the brewery invested $1 million per month in advertising after banner sales of hard apple cider in 2011 and 2012.

States like Michigan, Oregon and Washington are really getting into the spirit of apple brewing. Michigan hosts a Hard Cider Fun Run in August at Siestema Orchards, which promises a scenic jaunt through apple fields at sunset as fireflies begin to appear at dusk. Oregon alone now has 30 licensed cider breweries (up from 10 in 2010). A cider conference, dubbed Cider Con, is held annually for cider production professionals, and was orchestrated to provide an outlet to share ideas, network and affect positive change in the growing industry.

Apple cider, fermented like wine but imbibed like a craft beer, appeals to a trend in locavore dining. The process of making apple cider is labor intensive, and work in orchards is very hands-on, which attracts those who support local commerce and farm-to-fork dining. Orchards and the hard apple cider movement are helping to support a tradition of revitalizing local economies and emphasizing fresh farming practices.

The U.S. regulates that the brew must be between four and eight percent alcohol to qualify as hard cider. Apple spirits that are between eight and 14 percent are labeled as win, technically, requiring producers to obtain a winery license in order to make the stuff. Sweeter ciders, made traditionally by adding molasses or honey during fermentation, produce hard cider with a higher alcohol content.

It is said that hard apple cider is making a “comeback” because this is not the first time in the history of the U.S. that Americans have looked to the orchard for draught beverages. Apple cider was extremely popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. In fact, presidential candidate William Harrison hoped to get in good with working class constituents by touting himself as “log cabin and hard cider” kind of man in an 1840 election.

Apple cider rescinded from public favor sometime after 1840, when many Americans supported Prohibition in the United States. Beer, introduced by Germans to America, proved quicker and cheaper to produce than cider, and more convenient at the time, since many orchards were then being razed or destroyed by Temperance zealots. Following the repeal of anti-drinking laws when Prohibition ended, beer had already become popularized and took apple cider’s place as America’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

Cider seems like a niche market–and it is, at only one percent of the market in the U.S.– but it has undergone tremendous growth in a very short amount of time, Production and sales in the specialty brewing segment are up nearly 100 percent in just one year. The Beer Institute reports that American hard cider production has more than tripled from 2011-20013, from 9.4 million gallons to 32 million. A 2012 Neilson Report states that cider is “poised for great growth,” because cider seems to attract a younger, more affluent consumer.

Hard apple cider’s comeback is attributed in small part to the ale’s convenient alignment with another big trend in health, gluten-free dining. Research suggests that a diet with minimal to no gluten improves gastrointestinal function and a host of other mental and physical functions. Going gluten free has become the biggest health trends in the world, which is good news for burgeoning cider brewers. Apple, when fermented, are naturally gluten-free, adding to the short list of foods and beverages that those with gluten intolerance can enjoy worry-free. Growth is expected to continue where hard cider is concerned into the foreseeable future.

By Mariah Beckman

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Women's sex lives can be boosted through HARD CIDER and fresh APPLES

Apples can improve levels of sexual arousal of women, experts have discovered.

New research shows crunching apples can heighten sexual pleasure, stimulating blood flow to the vagina like chocolate and red wine

New research shows crunching apples can heighten sexual pleasure, stimulating blood flow to the vagina like chocolate and red wine

A study, published in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, looked at the sex lives of 731 Italian women and found those who ate between one and two apples a day had better sex lives.

The women, aged 18 to 43, were separated into two sections - one group who never ate apples and another that munched between one and two apples a day.

Researchers asked the women - with no other sexual problems - to complete a Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) questionnaire measuring sexual function, sexual frequency, orgasm, lubrication and overall sexual satisfaction.

The results showed "daily apple use is associated with higher FSFI scores in sexually active female patients, thus increasing their lubrication and overall sexual function."

One reason researchers pointed to, according to the Huffington Post, was that apples contain polyphenols and antioxidants - like red wine and chocolate - which can stimulate blood flow to the genitalia and vagina, boosting arousal.

Apples are also high in phloridzin, which is structurally similar to the female sex hormone estradiol, which plays a huge role in vaginal lubrication and female sexuality.

So there we go ladies, an apple a day won't just keep the doctor away after all.  

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Leprechaun Craft Cider Cocktail of the Month: "Apples & Oranges" Mimosas

Leprechaun "Apples and Oranges" Mimosas

Fresh Leprechaun Cider and Orange Juice. Leprechaun Cider Mimosas 

Fresh Leprechaun Cider and Orange Juice. Leprechaun Cider Mimosas 

Remember when you were in school and the health teacher explained vitamins, minerals, and antioxidents? Then remember what usually followed that comment? The fruits which contained so many of them? I'll give you a hint... Apples and Oranges! 

We are excited to introduce you to our Leprechaun Craft Cider Cocktail of the Month: Leprechaun "Apples and Oranges" Mimosa 

The beauty is not just in the delicious taste, but also in its sheer simplicity.  Half a pour of Leprechaun Ciders (Golden, Dry, Pomegranate, or even Strawberry) and another half of fresh pressed Orange Juice. 

You now have created the simplest, yet most refreshing and rewarding drink you'll have all summer! 

An Industry Tip: It is the PERFECT hangover cure. (Antioxidents and vitamins from fresh pressed apples and oranges with a touch of alcohol...brilliant) 

We hope you all enjoy your Leprechaun Cider Mimosas this summer! And be sure to get your Ciders and Juices at stores such as Central Market, Whole Foods, HEB, etc.  

Have a great rest of your week!!  

 - leprechaun cider company

The Legend of Leprechaun - - VIDEO

The question has been asked since day one of Leprechaun Cider, "where is the little green guy?", "where is the rainbow?", etc. etc. Here is a special video of Leprechaun Cider's Founder Jake Schiffer telling the original millennia old "Legend of Leprechaun." 

Included in this video is why Leprechaun Cider as a name came about, and also, how our logo is not just a pretty image, but very relevant. Being that it is a 200+ year old floor tile in one of the most prized cathedrals of Europe that has to do with original legend of Leprechaun. 

Date Night. Date Night. Read All About It.

What is more frustrating than when the love of your life and yourself have LITERALLY talked about everything that has happened that day, that week, that month, etc. etc. You know it ALL! 

Boredom, anxiety, worry…damn even hunger starts to set in. It's just a lame place to be when you know you want to be with the person…but something has burnt out…something has gone missing. 

We have taken a fun little task upon ourselves, because we talk with TONS of people, EVERYDAY, to ask everyone at the stores, restaurants, and other areas where Leprechaun is sold and figured out their personal answers to these questions. 

We have compiled a list of the TOP 4 BEST MODERN and UNIQUE "DATE-NIGHT" TIPS: 

1 ) Have A Fun Congratulatory Dinner For the Smallest Things - BACKWARDS

Here is how you start. You and Boo sit down and look each other deep into your bored yet desperate eyes and say "Hey Babe, I got it!…Lets have a special dinner next time you do __(x)__. But here's the kicker. We have to go from Appetizer, to Entree, to Dessert BACKWARDS, AND they all have to be at DIFFERENT restaurants. 

It is breaking up the mold!! Thats the key. Find a new place for every dish, every time. A new dessert. A new Appetizer. Look it up when y'all are not together. Share it on your phones or emails between each other to see if the other one is intrigued. Start yelping…TOGETHER! There is no rule that says you can't do whatever the hell you want for dinner…so do whatever the hell you want. And have FUN!

2) Bring home flowers. Randomly. No point. You're already buying drinks…pick up flowers. 

I personally never got the hang of this until I found out how SIMPLE it actually is for the beautiful ascetic reward it gives, as well as the huge smile of surprise on the others face. Just find out his/her favorite flowers, and next time you're coming home from work and stop off at the grocery store to pick up some drinks or food, swing your happy butt towards the flower department. Pick up a $20 bouqet. Put it delicately in your car. And hold them behind your back before you give them to her or him…add the extra surprise! Why the hell not.  

3) Pick a night of the week for Red Box and Drinks

Act like when you were 16 years old and your mom called up the stairs into your bedroom saying "that door better still be open!" - but all you're doing is watching TV with your high school sweetheart. 

Find some good movies out now on Red Box. You can find them online or in the actual boxes all throughout town, and dedicate one night to turning the lights down low and hanging out together. Get a nice glass of something great to drink. Get some popcorn or hummus, or whatever…carrots…whatever you eat. And just watch the movie. Be there. DONT pick up your phones. Matter of fact. Make it a RULE to turn OFF your phones during movie night. It defeats the whole damn purpose when she's on instagram stalking friends and he's on twitter. 

Be IN THE MOMENT. DELVE. Delve into the movie. Talk about it when its done. Talk about funny scenes, or things you didn't get, or even goofs you saw in the movie. But once again the main point - just HAVE FUN! 

4) Last, but not least, Take A Walk

There is nothing more romantic than finding a beautiful, safe, romantic walkway or sidewalk and just walking slowly and talking. The talking literally just comes. And the beauty of a starry night, and cool breeze, a full moon, or an approaching storm. It doesn't getting any better than that when you're with the one you love the most.  

We also heard this multiple times and it sounded like such a wonderful idea - "Walk after your dinner, even if you're at a restaurant." Just pay your bill, drop your purse or what not off in the car, and take a walk around the block. Walk down some streets you've never seen before. Go gander around the shops near the restaurant.  

There is only one main backbone/skeleton in all of this - it's all about RANDOM FUN! There is no reason to be in a relationship unless you feel like you're in third grade most the time, but when you need to be a 25+ year old adult you can be. My parents are now in their sixties and literally act like two 15 year olds just with a lot more money. It was weird at first, but now its refreshing!

Date nights are for fun. That is it. They are your best friends! Make them smile. Make them happy. Do nice things RANDOMLY for them.  

I hope this sparked a few fun ideas! And remember … buy some flowers. Take a Walk. Have random dinners for congratulations of minuscule achievements, and rent movies. 

PS: TURN YOUR DAMN PHONE OFF. "Learn to be there for them now, and they will be there for you forever."

Top 5 reasons to drink Craft Cider

We all know that craft beer is the "Eminem" of the big beer world. Causing a huge ruckus with the big players, and all the "everyday" folks get to enjoy something true and genuine that comes from within the creative masses instead of the wealthy few. Well fortunately, beer is not the only branch of alcohol to take this route. I introduce - Craft Cider. 

With traditions reaching as far back as 5000 + BC, cider, or HARD cider in America, has been paralleling the process of wine-making from culture to culture for millennia. The difference? Simple... APPLES not GRAPES. And CRAFT cider is our "psuedo-forced adjective" to differentiate cheaply made, "corners-cut", cider, from fresh pressed, locally sourced, NO cut corners, traditional, old-world style ciders. 

Hard Cider, especially CRAFT CIDER is having a huge renaissance in not just America, but the ENTIRE world.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to NOW drink Craft Cider:

1) You love the CLASSICS 

Craft Cider is as original of an artisan product as you can get. Having historically originated in Kazakhstan millennia ago, cider has made its way through the annuls of history. From being named Sicera, origin for English CIDER, from 4th century Gallo-Roman Saint Gerome. They have chronicled the production of cider, traditionally using  only fresh apples and traditional yeasts. Cider is as original and beloved as a drink as wine or beer.

whiskey glass.jpg

2) "Whiskey makes you nauseous , and beer just makes you fat" - Texas Music Legend, Roger Creager

We all know the phrase "liquor and beer, in the clear" or "beer & liquor, never been sicker". Well the phrase you have not yet heard is "Cider at night, next day you're alright". Craft Cider is filled with only fresh apples and yeasts. Having fresh apples be the only ingredient seems to sit well with a majority of people compared to the others with added sugars, alternative ingredients, and other add-backs.

Also, PS, Cider and Orange Juice is the worlds BEST "morning after" drink. Filled with all the vitamins and nutrients of the two fruits, plus the little kick of alcohol to get you level headed.

3) You're now "Gluten Sensitive" and you feel like a wimp cause you can't drink beer or whiskey:

Who cares! Everyone loves a nice beer, and whiskey coke takes everyone back to college. But a nice cider is no means for depression. So step back from the ledge my friend. Chilled just like a beer, packaged just like a beer, sold in the beer section, BUT tastes like a lighter, less filling APPLE CHAMPAGNE, with typically higher alcohol. Seriously, who couldn't asked for anything better after you find out you can't drink grain based hooch anymore. So stop whining and get back out there … theres no crying in craft culture. 

4) It tastes WAY better now than you remember

We ALL had cheap, sweetened ciders that resembled a mix between capri sun, freeze pops, and jolly ranchers back when we were in college. They were good for a 12 oz bottle worth, but then after that you either had a diabetic seizure from sugar, or your head throbbed like crazy the next morning. Well good luck fortunes those who wait - cider is once again DRY! Traditional Old-World style cider is typically much more like a dry Chardonnay, or apple Prosecco, than an uber-sweet wine-cooler. There is a reason why the French, Spanish, and English have made and drank cider/sidra for centuries - but never were huge fans of "boons farm". 

5) It is more versatile than a Swiss Army Knife

Traditional cider, when done right, should be a lot like a lighter, yet complex apple wine or champagne. But the beautiful thing about cider is that it not just drinks wonderful as is, but it can be utilized in many different ways. From blending with spirits to make the perfect cider infused cocktails, orange juice for delicious cider mimosas, cooking with them as an "apple champagne" sauce, or my personal favorite (for uniqueness) is freezing them in margarita machines on the hot Texas summers and making Cider Coladas or Frozen Cider Margaritas! The ideas and options are endless! 

Craft Cider is BRAND NEW, yet unbelievably old. It was like the dormant volcano Pompeii, yet with delicious cider to be consumed instead of people below. Imagine that we ALL are in year FOUR of Wine. That is the perfect analogy for this renaissance which has emerged in the world around modern craft hard ciders. It is so great to watch it from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. 

I hope this was a very exciting look into why you SHOULD drink Craft Cider.

- leprechaun cider company