Date Night. Date Night. Read All About It.

What is more frustrating than when the love of your life and yourself have LITERALLY talked about everything that has happened that day, that week, that month, etc. etc. You know it ALL! 

Boredom, anxiety, worry…damn even hunger starts to set in. It's just a lame place to be when you know you want to be with the person…but something has burnt out…something has gone missing. 

We have taken a fun little task upon ourselves, because we talk with TONS of people, EVERYDAY, to ask everyone at the stores, restaurants, and other areas where Leprechaun is sold and figured out their personal answers to these questions. 

We have compiled a list of the TOP 4 BEST MODERN and UNIQUE "DATE-NIGHT" TIPS: 

1 ) Have A Fun Congratulatory Dinner For the Smallest Things - BACKWARDS

Here is how you start. You and Boo sit down and look each other deep into your bored yet desperate eyes and say "Hey Babe, I got it!…Lets have a special dinner next time you do __(x)__. But here's the kicker. We have to go from Appetizer, to Entree, to Dessert BACKWARDS, AND they all have to be at DIFFERENT restaurants. 

It is breaking up the mold!! Thats the key. Find a new place for every dish, every time. A new dessert. A new Appetizer. Look it up when y'all are not together. Share it on your phones or emails between each other to see if the other one is intrigued. Start yelping…TOGETHER! There is no rule that says you can't do whatever the hell you want for dinner…so do whatever the hell you want. And have FUN!

2) Bring home flowers. Randomly. No point. You're already buying drinks…pick up flowers. 

I personally never got the hang of this until I found out how SIMPLE it actually is for the beautiful ascetic reward it gives, as well as the huge smile of surprise on the others face. Just find out his/her favorite flowers, and next time you're coming home from work and stop off at the grocery store to pick up some drinks or food, swing your happy butt towards the flower department. Pick up a $20 bouqet. Put it delicately in your car. And hold them behind your back before you give them to her or him…add the extra surprise! Why the hell not.  

3) Pick a night of the week for Red Box and Drinks

Act like when you were 16 years old and your mom called up the stairs into your bedroom saying "that door better still be open!" - but all you're doing is watching TV with your high school sweetheart. 

Find some good movies out now on Red Box. You can find them online or in the actual boxes all throughout town, and dedicate one night to turning the lights down low and hanging out together. Get a nice glass of something great to drink. Get some popcorn or hummus, or whatever…carrots…whatever you eat. And just watch the movie. Be there. DONT pick up your phones. Matter of fact. Make it a RULE to turn OFF your phones during movie night. It defeats the whole damn purpose when she's on instagram stalking friends and he's on twitter. 

Be IN THE MOMENT. DELVE. Delve into the movie. Talk about it when its done. Talk about funny scenes, or things you didn't get, or even goofs you saw in the movie. But once again the main point - just HAVE FUN! 

4) Last, but not least, Take A Walk

There is nothing more romantic than finding a beautiful, safe, romantic walkway or sidewalk and just walking slowly and talking. The talking literally just comes. And the beauty of a starry night, and cool breeze, a full moon, or an approaching storm. It doesn't getting any better than that when you're with the one you love the most.  

We also heard this multiple times and it sounded like such a wonderful idea - "Walk after your dinner, even if you're at a restaurant." Just pay your bill, drop your purse or what not off in the car, and take a walk around the block. Walk down some streets you've never seen before. Go gander around the shops near the restaurant.  

There is only one main backbone/skeleton in all of this - it's all about RANDOM FUN! There is no reason to be in a relationship unless you feel like you're in third grade most the time, but when you need to be a 25+ year old adult you can be. My parents are now in their sixties and literally act like two 15 year olds just with a lot more money. It was weird at first, but now its refreshing!

Date nights are for fun. That is it. They are your best friends! Make them smile. Make them happy. Do nice things RANDOMLY for them.  

I hope this sparked a few fun ideas! And remember … buy some flowers. Take a Walk. Have random dinners for congratulations of minuscule achievements, and rent movies. 

PS: TURN YOUR DAMN PHONE OFF. "Learn to be there for them now, and they will be there for you forever."

Top 5 reasons to drink Craft Cider

We all know that craft beer is the "Eminem" of the big beer world. Causing a huge ruckus with the big players, and all the "everyday" folks get to enjoy something true and genuine that comes from within the creative masses instead of the wealthy few. Well fortunately, beer is not the only branch of alcohol to take this route. I introduce - Craft Cider. 

With traditions reaching as far back as 5000 + BC, cider, or HARD cider in America, has been paralleling the process of wine-making from culture to culture for millennia. The difference? Simple... APPLES not GRAPES. And CRAFT cider is our "psuedo-forced adjective" to differentiate cheaply made, "corners-cut", cider, from fresh pressed, locally sourced, NO cut corners, traditional, old-world style ciders. 

Hard Cider, especially CRAFT CIDER is having a huge renaissance in not just America, but the ENTIRE world.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to NOW drink Craft Cider:

1) You love the CLASSICS 

Craft Cider is as original of an artisan product as you can get. Having historically originated in Kazakhstan millennia ago, cider has made its way through the annuls of history. From being named Sicera, origin for English CIDER, from 4th century Gallo-Roman Saint Gerome. They have chronicled the production of cider, traditionally using  only fresh apples and traditional yeasts. Cider is as original and beloved as a drink as wine or beer.

whiskey glass.jpg

2) "Whiskey makes you nauseous , and beer just makes you fat" - Texas Music Legend, Roger Creager

We all know the phrase "liquor and beer, in the clear" or "beer & liquor, never been sicker". Well the phrase you have not yet heard is "Cider at night, next day you're alright". Craft Cider is filled with only fresh apples and yeasts. Having fresh apples be the only ingredient seems to sit well with a majority of people compared to the others with added sugars, alternative ingredients, and other add-backs.

Also, PS, Cider and Orange Juice is the worlds BEST "morning after" drink. Filled with all the vitamins and nutrients of the two fruits, plus the little kick of alcohol to get you level headed.

3) You're now "Gluten Sensitive" and you feel like a wimp cause you can't drink beer or whiskey:

Who cares! Everyone loves a nice beer, and whiskey coke takes everyone back to college. But a nice cider is no means for depression. So step back from the ledge my friend. Chilled just like a beer, packaged just like a beer, sold in the beer section, BUT tastes like a lighter, less filling APPLE CHAMPAGNE, with typically higher alcohol. Seriously, who couldn't asked for anything better after you find out you can't drink grain based hooch anymore. So stop whining and get back out there … theres no crying in craft culture. 

4) It tastes WAY better now than you remember

We ALL had cheap, sweetened ciders that resembled a mix between capri sun, freeze pops, and jolly ranchers back when we were in college. They were good for a 12 oz bottle worth, but then after that you either had a diabetic seizure from sugar, or your head throbbed like crazy the next morning. Well good luck fortunes those who wait - cider is once again DRY! Traditional Old-World style cider is typically much more like a dry Chardonnay, or apple Prosecco, than an uber-sweet wine-cooler. There is a reason why the French, Spanish, and English have made and drank cider/sidra for centuries - but never were huge fans of "boons farm". 

5) It is more versatile than a Swiss Army Knife

Traditional cider, when done right, should be a lot like a lighter, yet complex apple wine or champagne. But the beautiful thing about cider is that it not just drinks wonderful as is, but it can be utilized in many different ways. From blending with spirits to make the perfect cider infused cocktails, orange juice for delicious cider mimosas, cooking with them as an "apple champagne" sauce, or my personal favorite (for uniqueness) is freezing them in margarita machines on the hot Texas summers and making Cider Coladas or Frozen Cider Margaritas! The ideas and options are endless! 

Craft Cider is BRAND NEW, yet unbelievably old. It was like the dormant volcano Pompeii, yet with delicious cider to be consumed instead of people below. Imagine that we ALL are in year FOUR of Wine. That is the perfect analogy for this renaissance which has emerged in the world around modern craft hard ciders. It is so great to watch it from the inside out, as well as from the outside in. 

I hope this was a very exciting look into why you SHOULD drink Craft Cider.

- leprechaun cider company