Q. Are Leprechaun Hard Ciders gluten free?

A. Yes; Leprechaun Hard Ciders are naturally gluten free as it comes from apples which contain no gluten. 


Q. If you are "Leprechaun" Cider, where is the little man with the pot of gold?

A. The original Legend of Leprechaun is just as different from the little man with pot of gold as overly sweet ciders are from traditional, old world style ciders. It is an amazing legend, and it explains our logo as well. Read Legend of Leprechaun


Q. Are Leprechaun Ciders available throughout the United States? 

A. Not yet. Leprechaun Ciders are solely distributed in the state of Texas currently (Where To Buy). We have plans on expanding to where you live in the near future so keep updated. If you would like Leprechaun Cider in your home state or city, email us here where you live with the subject line "Bring Leprechaun Cider Here". Email Here


Q. Is Cider a Beer or a Wine? 

A. Cider is neither. Cider is simply cider. Universally, except for the USA, Cider means the drink of fermented apples, where in the USA we refer to it as "hard" cider. Cider can be similar to both wine or beer in some characteristics and fermentation practices, but it is very much still inherently different.  More info on What Is Cider? or Our Ciders


Q. What is "Premium" Hard Cider? 

A. Premium hard cider is the fermentation of fresh juice blends of cider varietal apples, versus concentrated apple juice and many additives. Premium Hard Ciders with fresh juice brings a cleaner, brighter, more palatable and versatile experience than traditional everyday blends.  More info on What Is Cider? or Our Ciders


Q. Why are your ciders priced differently in different stores?

A. We don’t get to set the final price you pay for Leprechaun Ciders. Pricing is ultimately set by independent distributors and retailers. Sales taxes on alcohol and shipping costs also come into play on different prices. More info on Where To Buy 


Q. How can I get a keg of Leprechaun Cider?

A. Let us know you are looking by contacting here. We will help you find a retailer who distributes our kegs close by. 


Q. Is the champagne yeast in your cider the same in Champagne?

A. Yes; but it is not quite champagne, it only tastes that way. Ciders can be fermented in either a wine/champagne yeast, or a brewers yeast. The former gives a lighter, livelier mouth feel, and can be much more refreshing which is why we use it in all our premium cider blends. More info on Our Ciders


Q. Are your products Kosher?

A. Leprechaun Hard Ciders are made in no way that should not make them kosher, however they have not been officially kosher certified.