DEALS on LiveWellNetwork Cooking with Leprechaun Cider (Video)

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DEALS on Live Well Network

Hard cider is a popular drink that's sweeping the nation. But it is not just for drinking -- you can cook with it, too! "Cider's not a beer," said Jake Schiffer, Founder and President of Leprechaun Cider. "Most ciders are made with apple concentrate, which is frozen apple juice, we only use cider apples," he said. "We hand pick those and crush them and ferment them in champagne yeast and add back fresh crushed apple juice for sweetness so no added sugar, no apple concentrate, we don't even add water." It's that intense flavor that has chefs across the country using it to spice things up in the kitchen! At $6 for a 22 ounce bottle -- it may just be worth a try! READ MORE