Leprechaun Cider: A Houston Entrepreneur Shares His Industry Insights

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by Bryan Carey

A Q&A headed by the leading writer of Craft Beer at Examiner.com with Leprechaun Cider Company's founder, Jake Schiffer. Delving into his insight on Craft Cider and its amazing Renaissance back as one of the hottest drinks on the market. As well as how Jake Schiffer and his team are making sure Leprechaun Cider Company is spearheading the creation of this new Artisanal Cider market. READ MORE

Jake Schiffer and Leprechaun Handmade Ciders Are Taking Over Austin

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by Jody Marmel, TheExaminer.com

There's a new drink in town that is becoming the toast of the city and with good reason. The CEO, Jake Schiffer and Leprechaun are both Houston based and the cider is perhaps the best of the best. Dedicated to producing the finest American hard cider, Schiffer says "In a nation that has become saturated with beer over the last century, the time is upon us for the original American drink to be treasured once again. READ MORE

FOX 26 Thanksgiving Holiday interview

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FOX 26 Houston, Chris Stipes reporting

Leprechaun Cider Company, Owner/Founder Jake Schiffer, and special seasonal chef, Chris Harrison, head chef at Houston's Royal Oak Bar & Grill are interviewed by FOX 26 Houston's Chris Stipes. The discussion is highlighting three dishes specially prepared by Chef Harrison with Jake Schiffer incorporating Leprechaun Cider's with these very traditional meals. READ MORE

Houston Magazine

Cider House Rules! by Evan Wetmore

Like any 18-year-old American visitor to Europe worth his backpack, Memorial High School graduate Jake Schiffer was eager to take advantage of the younger drinking age. In London, he bellied up to his first bar, and a ordered a hard cider. Cider? But isn’t that for chicks? “Guys love cider over there,” laughs Schiffer, now 22. “Coors Light is for the girls because they don’t want to drink the hard s***. Then I come back here, and cider is for girls, and Coors Light is for the manliest man.” READ MORE

DEALS on LiveWellNetwork Cooking with Leprechaun Cider (Video)

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DEALS on Live Well Network

Hard cider is a popular drink that's sweeping the nation. But it is not just for drinking -- you can cook with it, too! "Cider's not a beer," said Jake Schiffer, Founder and President of Leprechaun Cider. "Most ciders are made with apple concentrate, which is frozen apple juice, we only use cider apples," he said. "We hand pick those and crush them and ferment them in champagne yeast and add back fresh crushed apple juice for sweetness so no added sugar, no apple concentrate, we don't even add water." It's that intense flavor that has chefs across the country using it to spice things up in the kitchen! At $6 for a 22 ounce bottle -- it may just be worth a try! READ MORE

Houston Chronicle

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"Cider is the Apple of his Eye" by Ronnie Crocker, Houston Chronicle

By the time Jake Schiffer was ready to incorporate Leprechaun Cider Co. in the spring of 2010, he had a business plan, enough funding to cover startup costs and an orchard lined up to provide the kind of apples he wanted, and handle the fermentation and bottling of the product. READ MORE




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"Bauer Business Focus: Jake Schiffer" by Andrew Schneider

This week’s guest on the Bauer Business Focus is Jake Schiffer. The 22-year-old Houston native founded the Leprechaun Cider Company before he was even legally old enough to drink. Schiffer talks with Andrew Schneider about the challenges of starting his own business, as well as about what’s ahead for Leprechaun. READ MORE

Your Memorial News

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"Houston-Based Company Reintroduces Hard Cider" by Emily Moser

A hard cider company based in Houston is trying to change what’s on tap at your local pub. Leprechaun Hard Cider is a Houston-based company brewing artisan handmade cider blended to a Texas taste. READ MORE

The Loop Scoop

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The First Sip: Leprechaun Cider Co.

Usually I focus on beer-centric articles, but for this edition of The First Sip I thought something a little different might be a nice change of pace. When you think of drinking in the UK or Ireland, what beverage naturally comes to mind? Bitters, English ales, stouts, Irish red ales? All undeniably true, but one of the often overlooked treasures of the drinking scene across the pond is the crisp, refreshing apple cider. READ MORE