Profits from every pint of Leprechaun Cider bought during the events will go towards animal rescue groups throughout Texas.

Raven was a rescue Great Dane from the Paws of Austin Great Dane Rescue of Austin Texas. She had been beaten and burned with cigarettes up and down her back, was malnourished, and seemingly tortured. 

She was our first rescue dog. Terrified and broken, she was afraid to look at anyone for longer than a glance. But after only a few weeks of being at home with our family, she found the courage to trust again. She began to start kissing everyone she got comfortable with, would nudge her giant head into our hips as her large dog form of hugging, and would follow our mother around the house attached to her hip to the point of near annoyance. But to our family, she became a reminder of thankfulness. Every time we saw the cigarette burns, or every time we would pull out a broom to sweep and she would cower in terror, we would remember the past horrors that were still with her. But because we’d taken a chance with her, she was happy. She was alive and healthy. She was home. 

Raven was 5 years old when she was rescued and taken into our home. She was 9 years old when she died in December 2013.  We will always miss her presence, but will never forget how much we were able to change the second half of Raven’s life. She did more for us than we ever did for her. By taking her in and just simply loving her, we saw the powerful difference that shelter, food, water, proper care, love, and devotion can make in both her life and in our lives.

By now, it might be obvious that the Great Dane on our Leprechaun Cider tap handles is Raven. She was powerful, loyal, beautiful, majestic, and regal. And she is a massive inspiration to overcoming circumstances beyond our control. 

#RavensRescues is a Charity Pint event where profits from every pint of Leprechaun Cider bought will go towards Animal Rescue groups throughout Texas. 

Just like the rescue group through which we were able to find Raven, these wonderful volunteers would not be able to support this righteous cause without donations and funding from everyday people like you and me. We very much want to help continue these efforts, and will be holding a #RavensRescue event at least once a month throughout the state of Texas. 

Please keep updated on the all future #Ravens Rescue Charity Pints events throughout the state. 

Hashtag #RavensRescues to any and all Social Media to help grow its presence, cause, and mission. 

Finally, please tell your friends. Make a tradition of it. And enjoy the night, but with the knowledge that drinking a simple pint of cider will be helping to rescue abused and malnourished animals whose only hope may be you. 

We thank you all for your unwavering support. We cannot wait to see you all at #RavensRescues. 

Jake Schiffer
Founder/Owner of Leprechaun Cider Company